Thursday, April 30, 2009

let the texturing commence!!

decided to use bodypaint over zbrush for this texturing job as its a medium closeup of hugh and wanted it to really pop and seams seem to always be an issue in zbrush.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ok a few hours of look dev on my textures and here are my results that im happy with. good times. good times.

oh and here is a pose test for the whole scene that im planning on. maybe just one character will remain of the victims of my feme fatal. a poker game gone wrong maybe?

just a quick first pass render in maya with normal maps and low poly models. looking a bit gritty as far as normal maps go but some love and time with them should be all it needs. i also dont want to texture these models just let the polys and normals do the talking.

nearly done modeling the jacket and most of the clothes now. not easy to pull the detail out in the mini picture but if u click it u get a better feeling of whats going on. big love to my followers :D